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Flat Rock School Media Center

Welcome to the Flat Rock Library Media Center!

Flat Rock students (K-8) visit the library every day Monday-Wednesday for thirty minutes each time. Students are given opportunities to do activites such as check out books, read their library books, computer time, and take Accelerated Reader quizzes. Story Days are presented to the K-3 classes on select days.


Selection of Services Offered:

  • Personal Reading Guidance
  • Automated catalog and circulation system      
  • Alabama Virtual Library
  • Internet Access
  • Research Assistance
  • Purchasing and processing of new materials as available
  • ALEX accessibility for collaborative lesson planning
  • Story time with literary lesson incorporated
  • Accelerated Reading                                                                        


  • printed texts
  • audio books
  • educational dvds/vhs
  • Star Reading Tests
  • Online Resources



In order for the library to maintain a current collection, fundraisers are necessary.  Flat Rock Library collects BoxTops, hosts two BookFairs, and has annual Fall Sale. 

*The Library adheres to the policies and procedures addressed in the handbook.

Accelerated Reader  is the program used to check for comprehension of library books. Students are rewarded for earning points and maintaining a certain percentage correct goal. Rewards include AR store, AR parties, pizza hut coupons, and special recognition in the library.