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Mission Statements

Our District Mission Statement

"Helping Students Achieve and Succeed"


Our School Mission Statement

"Learning Today for a Better Tomorrow"




History of Flat Rock School



 Flat Rock School was first established as a mission school by the United Methodist Church Conference. 

     In 1905, a primary school which included grades one through five, was organized in a one-room frame building. 

     In 1907, a high school which was housed in a wooden frame building consisting of one large room and one small room was built.  Shortly after, a three-room building was establihed for the high school, and a two-room building was used for the primary grades.  These served the community and surrounding areas until 1016, when the stone building, a library, a vocational building and two dormitories were erected.  At this time the three-room frame building was used as the third domitory.  The Flat Rock High School was the only high school in this area at the time, so students from several surrounding states as well as Central America and Cuba. 

     Due to the depression and hard times making tution dificult to pay, the church school became inactive in 1929, at which time the property was purchased by the state and became a public school for grades one through nine. 

     From 1929 until 1955, elementary classes were taught in the vocational building and grades seven through nine were taught in the stone building.  The building housing and the library had been torn down. 

     In 1955, a new brick building, which contained five classrooms was erected for the elementary grades.  The vocational building was sold. Between 1955 and 1989, four new classrooms had been added to the brick building.  A well equipped lunchroom was also established. 

     In 1977 Flat Rock Jr. High School along with other junior high schools in Jackson County went from a junior-high to an elementary school which included grades one through eight.  Since, then kindergarten and library classes have been a part of the program. 

     Today, the Flat Rock Elementary School is staffed with professionals whose objective is to offer the same type of quality education that has been offered to students who have been entering this institution of learning for the past one hundred years.